The placement office handles all aspects of campus placements for the graduating students. The office is well-equipped with-excellent infrastructure and necessary experts to support every stage of the placement process. A systematic structured training for the purpose of enhancing the students quality in the area of aptitude, interview skills, group discussions and soft skill training are conducted regularly in the college.

The Placement Officer The Placement Officer is responsible for administering the placement programme. He supports and assists Students in locating relevant placements that satisfy the criteria for internship laid out in the College Calendar and programme documentation. He negotiates placements with participating firms, agrees a job specification/description with such employers, coordinates and facilitates the interview process and liaises with participating firms throughout the placement period. The Placement Officer will also be available to Students during the placement period to discuss any issues arising from the placement. The Placement Officer will also communicate with both Business and Academic Mentors throughout the placement period.

Responsibilities and Duties of PlacementOfficer:

  • To look after the training and placement activities of students.
  • To have close liaison with industry for placement of students
  • To work in consultation with Coordinator Industry Institute Interaction for organizing lectures from the professionals from industry.
  • To collect feedback from the companies coming for placement.
  • Arrange Training programmes for soft skills and for interview facing skills for the students using institutional and external expertise.
  • To organize the entrepreneurship workshops.
  • A good liaison with industry.
  • Watch on the job requirements in the industries.
  • Campus recruitment and in-plant training.
  • Contact with information experts in respective fields from industries.
  • Special lectures for the benefit of the students and as well the staffs.
  • Industrial training and field/industrial visits for the students.
  • Assistance to students in getting apprenticeship training

The role of the Placement Officer is to:
  • Identify relevant placement firms for the Student internship programme.
  • Administer the placement of Students with firms, including the location of placement firms, agreement of job specifications, liaison with employers.
  • Provide support for Students on placement.
  • Act as the primary contact between the employer and the Institution.